Swim School Success Story: Patrice's Inspirational Journey

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Patrice P

This was a great overview of how to organize a swim school. I agreed with everything that Tessa shared and experienced a lot of success in my own swim busin...

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This was a great overview of how to organize a swim school. I agreed with everything that Tessa shared and experienced a lot of success in my own swim business. More importantly, I loved the supplemental videos that were compiled for each age group. I have been teaching for swim for years, but reviewing Tessa's materials was a great boost for me. It gave me the confidence to go from teaching as a hobby to the number two provider in my area on google listings. The program was helpful for me to fill some gaps for different age groups. I was able to teach some new age groups with confidence because of what I learned. I had no experience with parent assist classes, but we had incredibly positive results immediately. The way the courses are organized is simple and insightful. It was easy to apply the information to any age group- even adults. Tessa is supportive online and available for encouragement when I reached out to her with an important call this summer. Having someone who teaches full time available to me was worth a thousand bucks. She was a great sounding board for my question. I knew that she had a ton of knowledge, but I didn't expect her to be so committed to the success of MY students! No matter what your swim adventure holds, I would recommend staying connected with Tessa.

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Real-Life Experiences

With their permission, below are the real-life experiences of swim instructors and school teachers who transitioned from employee to running their own swim school business and are happier now than ever.

In Doubt of Your Ability to Garner Enough Business?

Read the following conversation I had with Aneika, who gave me permission to share it for reassurance.

Course curriculum

Exactly What You’re Getting

This is unlike any other business blueprint you've ever read. No time-wasting explanations here – just the exact strategies I'm using to make a profit with my swim school. This comprehensive blueprint covers everything you need to know about opening a swim school, but what's more: it's easy to digest. In just one sitting, you can get through all 49 pages and start your journey towards financial freedom today.
Teach children to swim 2 1/2 to 3 years

The Swimming in Profits Blueprint is About MORE Than Just Starting a Swim School

What you get is equally effective in attracting more than enough students to fill your classes and turn them into loyal customers. I used these exact same strategies when I started my swim school in 2013, and after only one year in business, I was able to quit my job. By the end, you’ll know how to transform your swim school into the most sought-after in your area. You’ll never have to spend another penny on advertising again since you’ll be able to rely solely on referrals. So as you can see, how to simply start a swim school is just the beginning. Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…

  • You need to have a competitive swimming background and experience with teaching swimming, right? Wrong! Page 4

  • Say goodbye to working for someone else since you’ll earn more than enough working for yourself. Page 5

  • Where to find the very best swim instruction training (so you can help your students quickly acquire the skills needed to become confident swimmers). Page 8

  • How to conduct your swim lessons even if you don’t have a pool. Page 17

  • What to do when your swim school is brand new, and nobody has ever heard of it. Page 22

  • ​One thing to never overlook if you want to be successful in your business. Page 27

  • ​Includes COVID-19 guidelines, so you know how to run your classes safely and put your clients’ minds at ease. Page 30

  • ​The exact formula for building the perfect schedule for your classes, so you don’t have to second-guess yourself. Page 35

  • ​The proven system that establishes trust with your customers so they'll never leave you. Page 45

  • And so much more!

Tessa Rhodes - Author of the Swimming in Profits Blueprint

The story behind my decision to start my own swim school.

My name is Tessa Rhodes, and I know firsthand what it feels like to be stuck in the soul-crushing daily grind.

In fact, for my husband and I, for about 2 years, between the two of us, we had to answer to 4 simultaneous unpleasant bosses.

We had no choice at the time. It was the only way to keep a roof over our family’s heads and food on the table.

We eventually moved into a house that my husband, Ross, inherited along with its mortgage...

And the first thing out of Ross’s mouth was that we should open a swim school since we have an indoor pool (You don’t need a pool to open a swim school, by the way).

I dismissed his idea at the time because I had no experience with teaching swimming...

But since I worked at a children’s gym, I became well aware of how popular swim lessons are.

Every year as we approached spring, many gym students would drop out and enroll in swimming lessons.

Since learning to swim is a life skill, parents prioritize enrolling their kids in swim programs.

I overheard so many conversations time and again about swim lessons among parents at the gym and how you should enroll your kids as soon as possible, or they’ll end up on a waitlist.

I mean, all the signs were pointing to “open a swim school, Tessa!! What are you waiting for⁉️”

And yet, I still did nothing. I honestly don’t know what was going through my head at the time. It was probably the “no experience” thing stopping me.

Then finally, that fateful day arrived that would change our lives forever.

It came two years after Ross said that we should open a swim school.

And here’s how it played out.

I overheard a mother, let’s call her Maureen since that’s her real name, asking another mother if she knew of any indoor swim schools in the area.

“No.” Replied the other mother.

OMG! I thought to myself; we really should open a swim school.

I couldn’t wait to get home that day to tell Ross what had transpired. I immediately enrolled in a swim instructor certification program with the American Red Cross. Shortly after, I opened up my swim school.

I slowly attracted students, and after only one year in business, my swim school earned more than enough to support my whole family. Best feeling ever!!

I decided that I want to help others obtain that “proud swim school ownership” status.

So that's when I decided to write the book on how to start a swim school.
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The BOLDEST Guarantee in “The History of Guarantees”

I 100% guarantee you’ll love the Swimming in Profits Blueprint, or I’ll return your $27 and let you keep it anyway. That’s right. If you’re unhappy for any reason, just email me at [email protected], and I’ll refund your $27, with no questions asked.