Why This Age Is Perfect

Infants come into the world with no real awareness of its dangers

It is for this reason that makes teaching this age group delightful since they'll unwittingly participate in anything you present to them.

Exposing these babies to an aquatic environment also prevents them from developing a fear of water.

Instead, it teaches them to respect the water and understand the dangers that water holds. And thus, making it less likely that your baby would put themselves in danger.
Teach babies to swim 4 to 8 months
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Unit 1: Introduction

    • Welcome to Teach Babies to Swim 4 to 8 Months

    • Developmental Milestones 4-8 Months + Goals

    • Water Safety Tips

    • Quiz

  • 2

    Unit 2: How to Hold Your Baby in the Swimming Pool

  • 3

    Unit 3: How to Teach Baby to Kick in Water

  • 4

    Unit 4: Independence and Stimulation

    • Teach Baby to Be Independent

    • How to Stimulate Your Baby's Senses

    • Quiz

  • 5

    Unit 5: Conditioning and Submerging

    • How to Teach a Baby to Hold Breath Underwater

    • How to Safely Submerge Baby in Water

    • Quiz

  • 6

    Unit 6: How to Teach Your Baby to Float

    • Free-Floating to the Parent

    • Free-Floating Between Adults

    • Teach Baby to Float on Back

    • Bonus Back Floating Video Reveals Secret Ingredient

    • Quiz

  • 7

    Unit 7: How to Plan Your Lessons for the 4 to 8-Month Old Age Group

    • Entire Parent/Tot Swim Lesson on Video Explained

    • Formula for a Successful Lesson

    • Quiz

  • 8

    Unit 8: Bonuses! Lessons Plans, Songs and More

    • Prepared Swimming Lesson Plans for Babies 4-8 Months

    • Library of Songs (Lyrics and Videos)

    • Certificate of Completion and Member Badges for Your Website

Your Instructor

Tessa Rhodes

I started my career working with children in 2005. Before I became a certified American Red Cross WSI (water safety instructor), I was a drama and gymnastics coach. Of the three, swimming is by far and away, my most favorite to teach, and it happens to be the most rewarding. As I see the progress my students make, I can't help but just love what I do.

Whether you're a parent or a swim instructor or in search of training to become one, you're in the right place. I am excited to share my knowledge with you.